Monday, November 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - Amy Hall - Part 1 (Introduction)

Well, this month is going to be a LITTLE bit different because I am interviewing myself! How fun is that! This month's diva is me, Amy Hall. My two business names are Lampwork by Amy and Two Glassy Ladies - the latter being my joint business with my mom, who does fused and slumped glass work, and mosaics, mostly out of recycled materials; the former being my online presence selling lampwork beads and jewelry. I'm especially thrilled to be November's Diva because it's my birthday month!

So I'll start by telling you a bit about my studio. It's in a garage out back of my home, in Victoria, BC (Canada). I share the space with my housemates, and we used to all play in a band together, and the space is sometimes still utilized as jam space (although not as often just lately) - so there are many musical instruments including a large drum kit in the room. I have a little corner with a desk that includes my Minor torch (a basic surface mix from Nortel, that I run on propane and oxygen from two repurposed oxygen concentrators). I have a little AIM bead kiln, and of course proper ventilation (I think it was a range hood from a stove - my dad put it in for me).

I was born in Vancouver, BC, but I have lived in Victoria for most of my life, and I really love it here so I doubt I will be moving any time soon. I've been married for a little over a year, and my husband was my best friend since we were about 8 years old (we are in our mid-late 20s now, me about to turn 26 and him 27).

I've been lampworking since the beginning of 2006. I took a class, at a glass studio that used to be here in Victoria that was amazing called Starfish - it has since been closed down, sadly. I got hooked right away though, and pretty much the day after the class, I was out buying equipment to get my own studio set up. I started with a Hothead but it was so unsatisfying after using the bigger torches in the class, so that didn't last long. I ordered my torch and kiln, and just kind of built my studio up from there.

There are several beads that I would call my "favorites" that I make over and over. Polka dots are one. Also my "bumpy" beads (with all the raised polka dots all over), and frit beads, and my lentil shaped beads with the little swirls in them.

I think my style is usually relatively simplistic, as far as shapes and designs. I sometimes do more organic designs. I like using very bold and bright colours.

I'll wrap it up here with a photo of me - and see you next week for the next installment, "Ten Things Glass!"

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  1. I love that you are interviewing yourself. Very nice getting to know you.

  2. Thanks ladies :) I had fun doing it!

  3. Very sweet! You always were a diva....

  4. Hi Amy - I too think it is great yo uare intervieweing yourself. Great to put a face to the name. Love that first bracelet, very pretty.