Monday, July 2, 2012

The Divas Are Still on Fire!

Looong time, no post! It seems the Divas have all moved on... No, we're all still glass fiends! But we all seem to be just a little to busy to do all this online marketing all the time. Really! It seems there's no time to torch artisan glass beads because we're always promoting artisan glass beads! Divas not happy!

But, we are still here... each of us doing our thing and plugging away! And...there are new photos on the fan page to admire! ;-)

Here's what some of us have been up to:

Susanne Folin / Babs Bead & Design: Busy spring. :) Yesterday I came back from a two day class with Corina Tettinger. Great fun! Looking forward to coming home to my torch, but first I have a few weeks vacation.

Lara Lutrick: I have been making beads like crazy for the ISGB Gathering show. I'm really looking forward to the Gathering in my back yard. I signed up for another Bead Soup Swap (EEEK, beads need to be mailed soon), Lori Bergmann and I made 2 trips to Seattle this week. One to buy glass and one to return glass (so silly, two trips).

Amy Lange Sims / Amy Sims Designs: It's summer, so I've been busy with the kids activities. We are all going to the Gathering, so I' really excited about that! I started on a floral series a few weeks ago.

Holly Dare / Holly's Folly Glass: I've been really busy traveling to be with my sister who is ill with lung cancer. Being with family has had to take priority. I've hand raised another dozen ducklings this spring and have been really busy with a diverse team of artisans on Etsy called PromoFrenzy. The team is all participating in Etsy's Christmas in July sale and really excited about it!