Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bead of the Day - Wednesday, June 30

Happy Wednesday!  As I was looking through some of the wonderful Fire Divas shops, I happened upon this exotic black and colorful seahorse bead by Isinglass Design.  I adore animals, so of course this strikes my fancy!  See all the beautiful colors and details?

Lampwork Glass Black Seahorse Pendant Jewelry or Focal Bead, Isinglass Design

It can be a great focal for a jewelry artist, or can be used by itself for a unique necklace. You can also see the other lovely beads in Isinglass Design's Etsy Shop.

Fore more Fire Diva glass beads and creations, check out the weekly update thread on Etsy, and then the Artfire thread for more.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bead of the day, Tuesday, June 29

Today's bead of the day is this beautiful pink ripple bead from Janel Dudley on etsy. The color is absolutely astounding. I love the ripple effect, and it's all so nicely encased.
Janel's shop is full of wonderful focal beads, and it looks like she's been cleaning out her bead stash and is selling lots of sets of 'orphans' that would make some lovely necklaces or bracelets. To see more of Janel's work be sure to visit her etsy shop:
And don't forget about the fire divas forum on etsy to see the rest of the divas' dallying:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Glass Bead of the Day - Monday, June 28

Happy Monday!  Here is a bead set that really pops, and reminds me of cherry cheesecake...  Made by Lampwork by Amy (Ahouston).

Bordello and Ivory Handmade Lampwork Bead Set by Ahouston

This is a set of 6 swirly focals made using a deep blood-red transparent red glass color overlapping the ever-popular ivory glass.  These are lovely focal beads that can be put to great use by artisan jewelry designers.  Plus, if you buy this set today, you get Free Shipping on them from as part of the Fire Divas Bead of the Day specials.  You can also go see the other lovely beads in Amy's Etsy shop.

Fore more Fire Diva glass beads and creations, check out the weekly update thread on Etsy, and then the Artfire thread for more.  Enjoy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

If you haven't heard, the Fire Divas are hosting another Jewelry Challenge. The theme is "Summer," and all you have to do is include a bead or beads made by a Fire Diva. Lots of Divas are showing off the prizes you can win, including Ashlyn Design, lajewelrydesigns, icarusbeads, Lutrick and Mind Melt.

Holly is shifting gears over at Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog, and it was exactly what she needed. Can't wait to see her results!

Ema K is combining two of her love - viking knit and lampwork beads - and the results are stunning.

Dorset Hill Beads is moving, so check out what's for sale.

At Maybeads, I dig into my past and remember my very first torch and glass experience - in junior high!

Silver River Jewelry is sharing her safari adventures, but they just aren't the same as when she was a kid.

Farm Girl Cat is celebrating the Summer Solstice - and there's more to the first day of summer than you might think.

At Tease Beads, Theresa is sharing the last of her studio makeover. You don't want to miss this big reveal!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Glass Beads of the Day - ArtFire Friday 6-25-10

It was finally sunny this week in the PNW and I was looking for some fun and bright beads for bead of the day. Check out these yellow, red and orange beads from Susanne of BabsBeadsandDesign on ArtFire. Check out here Sun Set: HERE

More of her work and other Fire Divas' work can be seen in the Fire Divas weekly promotional thread on Artfire! Don't forget to check out our Etsy thread either. It has links to lots of items we like in our shop and the shops of our fellow members. CLICK HERE

Susanne is participating in our Fire Divas Bead of the Day promo. Buy these beads in the next 24 hours and she will provide a 10% discount. Check out this thread on our blog for more information.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bead of the Day 6/24

The Bead of the Day is actually this beautiful sterling silver Viking Knit Bracelet made by EmaKDesigns! You can get %20 off this bracelet if you buy it within the next 24 hours! READ HERE for more details!

Check out the Fire Divas weekly promo threads over on Etsy and Artfire! There's always something new going on!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bead of the Day - Wednesday, June 23

There are so many lovelies by our talented Fire Divas that indeed, it's very hard to pick just one a day...

I love how much color variety Lara managed to add into this bead!  The twists are always a fun addition, and asymmetric beads can really set a jewelry piece apart from the rest of the crowd.  See what other great artisan beads Lara has in her Artfire studio.

If you haven't seen what's new in the Fire Diva shops lately, cruise over to the weekly update thread on Etsy, and then the Artfire thread for more.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bead of the Day, Tuesday, June 22

It's the second day of summer, the day after summer solstice, the longest day of the year plus one and where I'm standing, it's really HOT!
This cute little pup from Lauren of maybeads on etsy really has nothing to do with all that, but he's adorable, with a little slice of handmade murrini to brighten up his side and your day.

To see more fun creatures, take a tour through Lauren's shop on etsy here:

And to see what the rest of the divas are showing off this week, check out this week's etsy forum:

Diva of the Month Part 4 - Holly Dare

I know everyone has had a great time learning more about our Diva of the Month, Holly Dare Hughes. Now it's time to wrap up the four-part interview! Read on to see what else Holly has to say.

Which of your secrets do we not know… is there something else you would like us to know about you or your work? I get so much joy from making beads. I love to laugh and I hope that shows in my work. I also love making memory beads, using cremains from beloved animals. I like knowing that my work helps someone through the grieving process.

How has your work changed since you began? Hopefully, it's gotten better! LOL! I always liked large beads but I'm not intimidated by the size and scale of what I'm working on like I was in the beginning. I realize I can work on a bead for HOURS if I just keep it warm. No more freaking out and just putting it in the kiln before I'm  finished.

What is the biggest challenge you want to accomplish in the next few months? Seriously, just staying in business. It's sad but with so many Chinese imports, I find it difficult to keep my head above water. It's hard to have to constantly educate customers on why they want to purchase artisan glass beads when there's so much inferior cheap crap out there. I know I will always NEED to make beads but just finding time to do it and have a day job is going to be hard.

What do you like about being a Fire Diva? Getting to know all the other Divas and their work intimately. It's great to have a support system that you can go to for advice or consolation or encouragement. Marketing wise, it's great to see what others are doing.

Holly's Folly ~ Glass Holly's Folly Artfire

Holly's Folly Fan Page Holly's Folly on Etsy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Bead Challenge Results

[NOTE: I thought this published days ago. So sorry for the delay!]
The results are in  Fire Divas  monthly bead challenge for June. Our theme was Summer. Congrats to our winner, Susan Lambert.

Let's take a look at those other entries: 


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

This week, there are critters (yay!) and lots of new creations by the Fire Divas. So let's get to the gossip and see what's going on!

Head to Silver River Jewelry to see her Glass Bead of the Week. While you're drooling over her beautiful ball of bubbles, be sure to scroll up and down to see her sweet and lethargic kitty cat.

Patrice hasn't turned her new lizard friend into glass (yet), but you have to see what she has been turning into glass. Stop by Shepherd Creations to be amazed!

I want to live near Amy, because this weekend her community is putting on an art stroll. Stroll on over to Amy's Glass Blog to find out what that is.

If you're waiting for more of Melanie's fabulous and thorough color tests, hang in there. Due to a move, Mind Melt is not running on a schedule at the moment, but keep checking back.

Ema K is showing off some of her favorites from her Fellow Fire Divas ~ thanks, Ema!

Head on over to Dorset Hill Beads for a Heads Up on what she's been up to. And boy (and girl) is it cute!

Janel got her hands on some new and amazing glass, so head on over to Janel Dudley Beads NOW to see just what she's done with it. It's glow-mazing!

There's a lot going on over at Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog - a sale for her fans, and she continues to educate about mass produced beads. This is a must read and should be passed along to any friends who support that kind of thing over artists.

Farm Girl Cat is celebrating the sun (hooray!) and showing off a customer's work (lampworkers love to do this - so send us pictures!).

Theresa at Tease Beads is showing off more of the construction of her new studio. And I say "showing off" merely because I'm jealous. She's really just sharing. Either way, it's a fabulous space! And, it's a great way to show lampworkers and non-lampworkers alike just what goes into a real studio.

A trip to Belize was just what Jessica needed. She's back, and already creating beautiful pieces. Check them out at Vedas Beads.

Everything's coming up roses at Ashlyn Design, so head on over to see what's blooming, and find out how long it takes to create one of these exquisitely layered beauties.

Flowers are blooming at lajewelrydesigns. These gorgeous glass goodies caught my eye and led me to show them (and more) off at Maybeads.

And Susan Lambert is reminding everyone about the Fire Divas Summer Jewelry Challenge - get those entries in!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Good Morning! Today I want to focus on organic beads. There are so many styles, colors and designs that fit into this category that the options are almost limitless. I love designing with organics!

Thanks for joining me today ~ After all this inspiration, I'm off to see what I can create.  I hope these works of art have sparked your creativity as well.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Glass Bead of the Day 6-18-10 - Art Fire Fridays

Today's Beads of the Day are these super cool blue waves beads by Silver Rivers Glassworks! They can be found HERE at her Art Fire Store.

More of her work and other Fire Divas' work can be seen in the Fire Divas weekly promotional thread on Artfire!
Silver Rivers Glassworks is participating in our promo. If you buy this bead in the next 24 hours, she will give you 10% off your purchase. She does ask that you contact her first via convo.

10% off at Etsy and Artfire (Convo first with Artfire!)

Fire Divas Quarterly Jewelry Challenge Prizes!

If you missed it, our theme for this Jewelry Challenge is SUMMER! All the details can be found here. Now you can see what incredible prizes are up for grabs!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bead of the Day 6/17

Our Bead of the Day is Firecracker made by LAJewelryDesigns! The copper beadcaps and sterling silver tubing add such a nice touch to this rich red big hole bead!

LAJewelryDesigns offers FREE SHIPPING if any of her beads get picked for Bead of the Day! CLICK HERE and find out more!

Check out our weekly promo threads at Etsy and ArtFire to get caught up on the latest from the Fire Divas!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bead of the Day: June 16

This week, Lara Lutrick has posted some very beautiful silver glass beads. I think this is my favourite, though I had a hard time choosing

Pink waves
The colours are so incredibly... yummy! You can find this bead, and it's colleagues too, in Lutrick's shop.

And don't forget the weekly threads on ArtFire and Etsy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead of the Day, Tuesday, June 15

Today's beads of the day come from Tera Belinsky-Yoder, beadygirlbeads on etsy. Her shop is full of bright and happy beads like these 'Spotted Spinner Smallies'. Tera is one person who is not afraid of a little color in her life! You can add some to yours with a little something from her shop.

And look what else! Tera says: "There's a little article about me in the June 2010 issue of Bead & Button pg. 52. You can see that here: Exciting!! :-)"

Here's her shop on etsy:

And visit the fire divas forum on etsy to see what the rest of the divas are up to:

Diva of the Month Part 3 - Holly Dare

We are continuing our interview with Fire Diva Holly Dare - now it's time to get silly!

What is on your nightstand…list everything? My ipod player clock radio, an empty kleenex box full of nasal and allergy sprays, Grapefruit lip gloss, a beaded candlebra,  a phone, and the memorial bead I made with a beloved dogs ashes. (It's actually a worry stone shape and I caress that when I have trouble sleeping.) I have a cubby in my head board that holds my books and bead mags. 

If we were visiting, and starving and you weren’t home…what could we find in your pantry / fridge to use to whip up a meal? OMG! You could live in my house for a month or more if you didn't need milk! Frozen chicken and hamburger is always in the freezer in case I need cook for the pup. I keep frozen mini quiches for quick meals and my favorite frozen pasta from Trader Joes. You wouldn't starve here!

Favorite color and how does this show up in your bead work? Purple...surprisingly it doesn't show up a lot in my beads because there isn't a good opaque purple  that's stable. If some glass company could make that...OY!!!

 Making beads is solitary work. How do you handle that??? If you listen to music / watch videos, please share some of your playlist. I LOVE working alone. I always have. I'm never the most social person at work. I love to just get my work done and then play. But I do find listening to books on my ipod or music is great. My playlist is very eclectic. Top hits from the late sixties on. My current favorite song is Home by the Magnetic Zeroes.

Describe the most fun day you’ve ever had. It was a day spent with a producer and production manager from a special effects house we all worked at. We were working on the first motion based amusement park ride for a Tokyo park and it required shooting some of the great bodies of water here in the U.S. We were heading to Niagara where we were getting ready to drop a 70 mm camera down the falls and decided to take a diversion back to Gaulley River, West Virginia where we had just filmed. 

We took a red eye and Leeza Gibbons and her little girl sat behind us, kicking us all night long. We were so exhausted, we slept through coffee service on the next flight and had to drive an hour on no coffee. We got to our host house in middle of nowhere. His backyard was a stone precipice that hung out over a mountain gorge with a thousand foot drop.  It was fall, leaves turning. A little mountain train ran along the river below. We all curled up on this giant rock and dozed in the fall sun. We would wake up and our hosts would bring us coffee and giant sunflowers dried in the garden to munch on. Great conversation followed by more napping and more munchies. At sunset, we all went to dinner for a perfect meal and at sunrise, we ran the river rapids. Just the three girls and our Zen guide who knew the river better than the back of his hand. It was just perfect and relaxing. 

If you had one wish, what would it be??? That I would never have to worry about money ever again. EVER! I've wasted too much of my life on that!

Who do you most admire in glass and if you could take a class with that person, what would you most want to learn? Kim Neely. Her sense of color blows me away. Her patience for making huge  yet precise sets. And...I would want a photography lesson too!

What is the first thing you do when you get home? LOL! Take off my bra (Unless I did that while driving!) and love up the pupster. 

Do you have a day job??? If yes, what is your favorite thing about it??? I own a rubber stamp business that makes food safe rubber stamps. I've consulted with big corporate bakeries about getting imagery onto pastry and that led me to design my own images. I really do love working on the website and doing the graphic stuff best. It feels really creative. 

Name three tv shows you watch but are kind of embarrassed about. Just the embarrassing ones... Tori and Dean, Hollywood Husbands and anything on Lifetime on a Sunday afternoon.

Holly's Folly ~ Glass Holly's Folly Artfire

Holly's Folly Fan Page Holly's Folly on Etsy

Monday, June 14, 2010

6/14 - Glass Bead of the Day

Today's Bead of the Day is Peony the Purple Turtle by Maybeads.

I wanted to remind you that we have an ongoing promotion where participating artists offer a special if their bead gets Bead of the Day. Lauren of Maybeads offers free shipping in her shop IF you purchase her bead of the day within 24 hours of this post!

And... don't forget our Summer Jewelry Challenge is underway and prizes will be announced soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The Fire Divas are keeping busy. There's the June Bead Challenge going on right now, and we're accepting submissions for the next Jewelry Challenge as well. But we all have time for a little gossip, so let's get to it!

Need a piece of jewelry that will dress up a t-shirt and jeans and also look hot at a cocktail party? Head on over to Silver River Jewelry to check out the Jewerly Item of the week. And while you're there, wish her a belated Happy Birthday!

An unexpected visitor showed up at Patrice's studio this week, and I'm guessing it could soon be immortalized in glass. Just a hunch. Stop by Shepherd Creations and see if you agree.

Janel of Janel Dudley Beads and Melanie of Mind Melt are both reminding everyone about the Fire Divas June Bead Challenge. Voting has begun for the bead challenge ----> on the right! Ema K, Janel and Melanie are all talking about the Summer Jewelry Challenge - so all you designers who use Fire Diva Beads - check it out!

You don't want to miss the new bead sets Amy is showing off at Amy's Glass Blog. Me thinks bigger IS better.

What's in a name? Holly from Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog answers what's behind many of the Fire Divas' shop names.

Eileen has been absent from Dorset Hill Beads lately, but she's always got positive words of wisdom to share.

More pieces to the studio puzzle fall into place over at Tease Beads. And guess what else? She's having a BOGO sale in her ArtFire shop!

If you've ever wondered what a weekend retreat at Frantz Art Glass would be like, stop byAshlyn Design and Lori will give you a sneak peek. Lots and lots of glass . . . For more
More colors to test over at Lampwork Beads by Lara - some interesting reactions.

Lea is still at it, with Part 2 of her Fire Divas' feature at lajewelrydesigns. You don't want to miss these glassy treasures!

It's not just company and her garden keeping Farm Girl Cat busy these days - find out what she's preparing for here.

Susan has bad news for one pretty sunset bead. Head on over to susanlambert to see what it is.

At Maybeads, I'm showing off some new turtle styles. Not all turtles are round.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

 Saturdays ~ the kids sleep in, the coffee is hot, and you have those few quiet moments to savor the slowly awakening world. It's a time for you to do something just for you.  Let's go shopping!  Today I'm looking for fun and funky beads and the Fire Divas seem to have an unlimited supply!

What a way to start a Saturday!   Enjoy your moments of peace, and have a fabulous, fun and funky weekend!