Monday, August 29, 2011

Lampwork Bead of the Day: Monday, August 29th

Happy Monday!  It's still HOT in large parts of the country, but very WET and rainy in others... in line with the crazy weather we're having lately, please take a moment to enjoy this earth-inspired bead by Susan Lambert:

Lampwork bead focal lentil shaped Earthview - by Susan Lambert

This focal bead has a ton of variety and detail, and if you know anything about my usual choices for Bead of the Day, you probably know that I LOVE detail like this, especially ones that are impossible to duplicate!  A little of this, a pinch of that, some glass dust, crackly turquoise-colored glass, and a very earthy back; this bead has it all.  It make me think of what a primitive view of the earth might have been by (very creative!) ancient civilizations. :)  Susan has more gorgeous beads (though you won't find another one exactly like this no matter where you look!) in her Etsy shop, so please hop on over there to browse around and get your daily lampwork fix.  She also participates in the Bead of the Day discount, which means whomsoever purchases this bead can get 10% off it for the next 24 hours only! Convo her on Etsy prior to checkout. :)

See what the other talented gals on the team are up to by visiting the Etsy weekly thread and the ArtFire weekly thread. Cheers!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

It has been a wonderful and hectic first week of school! I am happy that my children are settled but man it was worse than working the last week before Christmas at a toy retailer!!!! I did get to spend some much needed time with my torch and even got caught up on reading the juicy tidbits from my beloved Divas!! Lets see what they have been up to!

So to start off Lara Lutrick of  Lutrick Beads has once again made me wish I was a millionaire and could overnight about 10 pounds of each of the delicious "Z99" style colors she has featured!!! Let me tell you this post is not to be missed by anyone who either collects beads with this coveted color or makes them!! Great eye candy as well!!! Thanks Lara!!

In contrast to my school week Susan Lambert of Susan Lambert Glass and Silver Jewelry has finally had her first year of "No School" I can only wish her the best and feel a tad envious that she will have a lifetime of beading ahead of her :)!!!

Holly Dare of Holly's Folly Beads has some gorgeous beads to share and whats more one of the sets she actually found in a microwave!! (Just read the blog!!!) There is a little of the old mixed in with the new and everything is simply yummy!

Lori Bergmann of Ashlyn Design had a Friday Find that was out of this world cool. Whoda Thunk??? Just wait till you see the very unusual article that will now be the saving grace of her manicure! Curious? I bet you are so head on over to read and see some of her wonderful metal clay charms! ( They look amazing with her lampwork beads too!!)

Last but not least is Julie Cannon of Julsbeads  she has so many great sets of beads up they are perfect for the jewelry designer who needs that splash of amazing color! I just kept looking at the rows of beads and thinking  how lovely it would be to just fondle them all!!! Thanks Juls!!

I hope your week has been as wonderful and busy as mine has been and that your children are either enjoying their last moments of summer or you have gotten your first taste of a little peace and quiet :) If you are not a Mom (or Dad) then I hope you are having a week filled with whatever your creative heart desires!! Take care till next week!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Somehow the years have dimmed my grade school education of what Labor Day really means.  In more recent years, I've welcomed it for the extra day added to my weekend.  But labor day is more than that.  It's a celebration of our workforce..., the Policeman/Fireman who puts his/her life on the line for each of us, the doctor who takes care of our health and well being, or the hairdresser/barber that keeps us looking good. We should be celebrating anyone who makes life easier, safer, and ensures the quality of our existence on a daily basis.

This week, to celebrate the holiday next Monday,... I challenge you to give a "free" smile to the cashier who rings you up, put a little extra  in your tip to the waiter/waitress who serves you, or when you see the men and women who serve in the capacity of firemen and police, tell them "thank you". You'll be surprised at the difference it might make in someones day!

Today I want to honor Lampworkers everywhere. Individuals  who work tirelessly to improve their product, who strive to offer the best in customer service, and generally love making you smile when you open one of our deliveries. To celebrate us visit our shops and "favorite" one of our items, or tell the world you like us by stumbling our shops. ;-)

Have a great week "celebrating"!
Rivers Edge Glass


Beth Knapp Tyner

Silver River Glass Works

Susan Lambert

Holly's Folly Glass

Spawn of Flame

Sun Door Beads


Amy Sims Designs

Babs Beads and Design

Shepherd Creations

Ashlyn Design

Lara Lutrick


Ugly Duckling Beads


Friday, August 26, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day 8/26/11

What is about purple that sends me over the moon??? That magical mixture of red and blue that yields the most royal shade on earth is most intoxicating to me! It excites and soothes all at the same time!

Check out this gorgeous purple glass bead in Uvanamous' Etsy shop:

 Breathtaking indeed!

The Divas hope you have a wonderful weekend and we do hope you will pop by and check out Fantasy shopping Saturday and Sunday Gossip!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day: August 24

I do enjoy browsing the weekly Fire Diva threads on ArtFire and Etsy. They're so inspirational and also very relaxing as the rest of the world seems to fade away as I look at all the wonderful work by the divas.

Today, this particular one caught my eye:

It's a lovely vessel made by Karen from Fire-n-Sand. Karen makes lot's of beautiful beads (and some pretty fun hats too), so head over to her shop and enjoy the exhibition!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Etsy Treasury Giveaway Winners!!!

After a wonderful and exciting 10 days of voting, reading all the wonderful comments, and seeing all the new "hearts" for the Fire Divas wonderful works of glass art—we are finally ready to announce the lucky winners of our Etsy Team Treasury Giveaway and our Special Blog Giveaway!!

So before I do the cyber drum roll, I want to thank all of our fans, both old and new, who have supported the Fire Divas team! This giveaway was a chance to spread a little love and awareness of the beautiful works of art that the talented members of this team make. So without further adieu....... DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!! ……

The winners of our Etsy Treasury Team Giveaway are:

……Row Number 1:  Jane Cucchiara- Janiesgems!

……Row Number 2:  Marti Ann- Pizzazzled Designs!

……Row Number 3:  Amber- Hurdler4Eva!
……Row Number 4:  Rebecca Witcher!

And the winner of our Blog Giveaway is: Debbi Deaux!

Congratulations to all our winners!! And a big "Thank you!" to everyone who participated and helped make this such a fun and memorable experience!!!!
the Fire Divas

Lampwork Bead of the Day: Monday, August 22nd

Happy Monday, and good morning! Today's Bead of the Day will be a very colorful set from Lluvia Brito of Uvanomos Beads:

Lampwork Glass Tab Bead Set - Watercolor with White Hearts by Uvanomos
They are so colorful and yet remind me of a fruity drink with lots of tropical flavors like pineapple and mango. :)  Lluvia uses borosilicate glass (my favorite!) to create her unique gorgeous beads, so please visit her Etsy shop to see all the wonderful color combinations she has to offer.  She also offers a Bead of the Day discount of Free Shipping in her Etsy shop, so be sure to send her a convo prior to purchase!

See what other glass fun the Fire Divas are having by visiting the weekly ArtFire and Etsy threads.  Thanks for enjoying these lovely beads with me today! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

I have just gotten back from one of the most amazing vacations ever!! No I did not climb Mt. Everest or take a Safari in Africa but I did get a chance to enjoy Disney World with my 92 year old Grandmother!! Now most people will say "WOW" while rolling their eyes but wait how many 92 year olds do you know who can ride Test Track at Epcot!!!! Yes and she did it all with a smile on her face and shouts for more! Well now that I have shared that I am so excited to be back and seeing what the Divas have been up to! I kinda snuck away from my everyday to take this impromptu getaway!!!

Sonja McClung of Silver River Jewelry has a great pair of earrings that she made using a little bling and silver wire! It shows you that you don't need to be a millionaire to afford the finer things in life!!! Thanks Sonja!

Holly Dare of Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry really shows that laughter is the best medicine to just about everyone of life's little hiccups!! The bead though that she shares is no laughing matter and looks like the perfect Autumn Hollow Focal!!!!

Amy Sims of Amy Sims Designs has just shown off her brand new web design which is full of simplistic and high end design from the color scheme to the fonts to the wonderful layout!! She has also chosen a color for her new studio and it is DREAMY!!!!! Stop on by and have a look!!

Who doesn't love when their work gets to be a part of a wonderful collaboration? Lara Lutrick of Lutrick Beads has combined her amazing glass beads with her Dad's equally stunning turned wood vessel- this is definitely a piece worth of center mantel!!!!

Last but not least, Lori Bergmann of Ashlyn Design has just received a variable treasure trove of beads from her Bead Soup exchange! I don't know about you but I cannot wait to see what she dreams up for these beads!

I hope you all have had a wonderful and restful weekend and stay tuned for next Sunday's dish on the Fire Divas!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day for the Fire Divas! It's the last day of our " Team Treasury Giveaway" on! Four lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win 4 awesome beads from this collection. Ok, so it actually is your lucky day too!

To be eligible to be a winner, all you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on our Treasury through Etsy HERE and "heart" or add all the featured shops in it as a favorite. So if you haven't already commented and "hearted" our beads...there's still time!

Bead Jeweled - Fire Divas Team Treasury GIVEAWAY!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bead of the Day, August 19, 2011

I must be feeling the effects of our sudden heatwave here in California because I find myself dreaming of cool blue... and since I'm feeling too hot to even be bothered making jewelry... I found just the ticket with some gorgeous earrings ready to wear from Right Turn Artwerks


These babies remind me of flying on a trapeze in a nice cool breeze... Perfect for a Friday night outing!

Before you head out... I want to remind you about all the amazing beads the Divas are giving away on Etsy and right here on this blog... But you have to enter to win!!! Check this post for more details!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bead of the Day Thursday, 8-18-11

Check out this beautiful Blue Ivory big hole bead by Amy Sims. It has a silver core. Check out this beauty and all of Amy's wonderful glass beads in her ArtFire or Etsy shop. Also check her out at her Etsy shop, where you can also buy this bead.

Amy is participating in the Fire Divas' Bead of the Day promotion. If you buy this bead in the next 24 hours, she will offer FREE Shipping if you buy this bead on Etsy or ArtFire (She does request a message first for a coupon code).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day: August 17

Sorry I'm late!
I came back from vaccation this Saturday and have not completely got used to the weekly routine of my normal life. Vaccation was great, though!

Anyway. It's great to be back to see what my talanted fellow divas have been up to during the summer. I instantly fell in love with this little guy:

He's made made by Lara from Lara Lutrick Beads & Jewelry.

Don't forget to visit the ArtFire and Etsy weekly threads for more goodies.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bead of the Day: Tuesday, August 16th

Along with orange I've always been a lover of purple. Such an elegant color, it always adds a bit of flavor simply by being present. Obviously I was drawn to this beautiful bead. Made by Kathleen of UglyDucklingBeads, she has transformed this stunning color into a work of art.

This piece is also part of a special give away the Divas are hosting. To find out more on how you could win pieces by the Divas go HERE

You can check out more of Kathleen's work HERE.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lampwork Bead of the Day: Monday, August 15th

Happy Monday!  I hope you are enjoying summer, and keeping cool as needed.  The month of August seems to be summer's midsection, and with that we should enjoy more of the beach-themed glass from the Fire Divas... because it's just not quite as fun in the winter months to gaze at seashells and fruity colors as it is during the summer. :)  Today we have a lovely seashell bead from Karen of Fire-n-Sand Glass Art:

Caribbean Sea Shell Focal Bead - by Karen of Fire-n-Sand
This Caribbean Sea Shell Focal Bead is just lovely, with creamy greens, blues, even sparkly goldstone!  This is a great focal that would make a fantastic beach necklace.  Any jewelry designers up for the challenge? ;)  Check out Karen's shop, Fire-n-Sand, to see what other lovelies you can use in your designs.
Remember, Karen also participates in the Bead of the Day Promo, meaning that for the next 24 hours, this bead is eligible for 10% off! Send Karen a message before clicking the buy button to qualify for the discount. :)

See what the Fire Divas are up to by visiting the ArtFire weekly thread and the Etsy weekly thread.  Thanks for admiring beads with me, and I'll see you next week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

The Divas have been hard at work getting ready and promoting our newest Special Promo: Fire Divas Etsy Treasury Giveaway!!! This is such a cool and wonderful chance to get a chance to win some wonderful beads!!!
So what else have our amazing Divas been up to?? Lets find out!

Firstly, lets all please send healing and comforting vibes to our Diva Julie Cannon of Julsbeads her sweet nephew was born 4 months premature and it is with great sadness that I leave you with the news that he has gone on to be a special angel in God's Kingdom. Please stop by her blog and wish her comfort and peace! 

What's better on a hot summer day (or when you have the blues?) than a cold dish of homemade ice cream? NOTHING in my book! Susan Lambert of Susan Lambert Glass and Silver Jewelry has a wonderful cool recipe for this favorite summer treat!! Enjoy!

Lara Lutrick of Lutrick Beads has a great post showing her bead soup goodies. For all who are a little confused no we do not eat beads :) this is where a bunch of people get together swap beads and create jewelry items out of the gifted beads plus a little bit of your own supplies! It is so much fun and a great way to meet crafty people!!!! Thanks Lara!

Holly Dare of Holly's Folly Beads shows us a truly inspirational art piece created by one of her wonderful customers! The bead featured is one of my favorites from Holly!! Simple and organic! It just shows you how many wonderful ways art glass beads can be used!!

The rest of our Divas are hard at work promoting our wonderful new Etsy Treasury Giveaway so lets give them a pat on the back!!!! Lori Bergmann of Ashlyn Designs, Sonja McClung of Silver River Jewelry, Amy Sims of Amy Sims Designs, Kathleen Robinson-Young of Ugly Duckling Beads, and last but not least myself, Michelle Veizaga of SunDoorBeads

Thank you to all who continue to support the Fire Divas in every way! You are a blessing and the reason we love doing what we do!!! Have a great day!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fire Divas Team Treasury Giveaway!

This month, the Divas are breaking out all the stops and creating a fabulous treasure trove of beads to be featured in the Fire Divas first ever Etsy Team Treasury Giveaway!

Most of you are probably familiar with Etsy's Treasuries, which are collections of items illustrating a special theme chosen by individual curators. Well, the Fire Divas are doing something a little extra special! Not only are we creating a Treasury featuring many of the Fire Divas showing off their renditions of a "Bead Jeweled" theme, but we are giving them all away to four—yes we said, FOUR!—very lucky winners! Each winner will receive four awesome beads from this collection. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on our Treasury through Etsy HERE and "heart" or add all the featured shops in it as a favorite.

Only one comment/person, please! Winners will be chosen at random on August 21, 2011.

'Bead Jeweled - Fire Divas Team Treasury GIVEAWAY!'

RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


Reserved for Fire Divas...


RESERVED The Fire Divas...


RESERVED "Fire Div...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


RESERVED for Fire Divas...


The best way you can show your love and support for the Divas is to make sure that you and everyone you know stops by to view this amazing Treasury! Please also take a few moments to spread the news by posting a link to Facebook or your blog, tweet it, StumbleUpon, or any other social media you prefer to use.

And in the style of those infamous infomercials…"WAIT! There's more!!"

Since some of our team members don't have their own Etsy shops, we're also offering a separate Blog Giveaway here to one lucky reader, who will win a wonderful prize from Patrice of Shepherd Creations!

To enter our Blog Giveaway (separate from our Etsy Treasury Giveaway!):
Please leave a comment here (and please make sure to include the best way to contact you!) after this post and one winner will be chosen at random at the same time we pick the other four Treasury winners.

They say that a person's greatest treasure is their friends—and you, our fans—are some of our greatest treasures too! Thank you very much for your support from all of us here on the Fire Divas team!!