Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fire Divas Gossip Column

As usual, lots of good stuff going on with the Fire Diva's this week! Don't miss a second of it. And if you aren't a fan of the Fire Divas on Facebook, the question is WHY NOT? Go NOW and become a fan. You won't regret it!

Kim faced a challenge head on using...old commercials as her inspiration?!?! This is must see blogging!

Marcy lets the wild rumpus begin!

All I want to say to Patty is...your iPhone took that gorgeous photo?!?! So jealous. You might want to see why I'm so jealous.

Over at my blog, you will get to see what a customer made with one of my beads. It is a piece of awesomeness.

Eileen is celebrating Turtlepalooza. What is that, you say? Go see!

Lauren of Maybeads is having a sale that ends today! Make sure you get all the details and see why she features candles for Therapy Thursday.

Glasstastic Treasures is a stalker. You might not want to avoid this stalker though!

The Mermaid's Tale has lots of eye candy this week!

Vedas Beads is blowing shards. No, it is not another term for vomiting.

I am not sure what's going on at Holly's blog. I am sure it's something super awesome though!

Lara shows her learning curve of using the super new awesome gaffer glass that I don't have any of yet. Still pouting here!

Karen tells us all what she's been doing since she last blogged 2 MONTHS ago ;o)

Laurie got to teach some a beginning lampwork class at a high school this week!

If you are a gossip junkie and need more, head over to the weekly Fire Divas thread for more fun

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