Monday, February 13, 2012

Glass Bead of the Day: February 13th

Amid all the furor about a certain breast cancer charity, let us not forget the founding purpose for these in the first place.  With that in mind, let's enjoy this artistic dedication bead that illustrates the future owner's commitment to the cause of fighting breast cancer and raising awareness:

Breast Cancer Survivor Goddess African American Glass Bead Focal - Holly's Folly Glass

Holly has these for sale in both her ArtFire and Etsy shops, and will even make them custom for your specifications (partial or full mastectomy, etc.).  Holly also offers 10% off the Bead of the Day, so order today if you can so you can get that discount. :)

The Fire Divas ArtFire and Etsy threads showcase the newest goodies, so be sure to check those out.  As always, the Facebook Fan Page also has fresh photos and listings, plus a link to the most updated blog posts and challenges.  Thanks for reading!

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