Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The Divas have had lots to gossip about and because the theme of the week was Round Robin for the daily thread on etsy and on facebook, there was tons of eye candy to be enjoyed by all. Make sure you don't miss a minute!

Lauren of Maybeads listens! She made a bookmark with an alien and spaceship after she loved the suggestion made by one of her readers. She also introduced Chunk...but you will have to visit her blog to find out who or what Chunk is...

Melissa has a lot of exciting stuff to show and glass, a show, a SALE! But hurry up because the sale will be over very soon.

KimV was in a chatty mood in spite of the heat this morning and announced something very exciting...

Marcy always has something going on her blog, but this week she announced she's Miss August 2010. You definitely will NOT want to miss that!

Lynne shows off some goodies she made in a class and talks about a lamb...

Eileen has been having a blast being creative in her studio...but it's not what you expect!

Lara loves her Divas!

Nicole got a blog award...

Rachel is at it again over on Handmade Chic...showing some red'll just have to go see for yourself.

Chaos reigns over at GlassAddictions, but there was still time for an Open Studio Friday.

Glasstastic Treasures has some pointers for you to buy handmade for the holiday...and yes, you need to read this even though it's only August!

Holly shows off some eye candy

Pam shows off some eye candy too!

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