Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fire Divas Gossip

The Divas have had lots to gossip about this week and with all the beads being shown in the daily thread on etsy, lots of eye candy too. Make sure you don't miss a minute!

Nicole announced a sale and who doesn't love a good sale?

Eileen of Dorset Hill Beads had a wild start to her week, but still managed to give the answer for the Thursday Theme AND put together a new one. It's a toughie! Make sure you guess the answer in the comment section for a chance to win a drawing! She also shows some beady goodness.

Marcy talked about the fun class she held at the Gathering and found out that pigs smile!

Over on Handmade Chic Rachel shows off the work of some the Fire Divas-there's some good eye candy there!

Pam of the Blue Between shows off some amazing beads she made using only TWO colors.

Patty is back from the Gathering and has been feeling lucky...

Jennifer of Glass Addictions is having a contest that requires a little bit of work and a book review for a metal clay beads book.

Holly had a fun playdate!

Karen of Fire-n-sand has been working on converting a hunting camp to a log cabin.

Glasstastic Treasures has a bunch of crazy train riding going on.

Melissa is at Big Ass Indie craft show this weekend and had time to put together some cute chocolate party favors.

Lynne is having a BOGOF sale!

Susan Sheehan wrote a very thoughtful and well written post on the hidden value of shows.

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  1. Sounds like everyone's been keeping busy! Is there a way I can officially become a diva and join the facebook group? Pretty please?

  2. thanks jennifer...this was a perfect post for today...i'm just getting in from a crazy day of cleanup outside with more storms on and off...

    thank you for putting this post up...i truly appreciate it...