Monday, November 30, 2009

Calling All Designers - Introductory Jewelry Challenge!

The Fire Divas are hosting an Introductory Jewelry Challenge! This challenge will be for jewelry designers who use artisan lampwork in their pieces. The winner of the Challenge will receive a beautiful group of Fire Divas' work. This is a wonderful chance for jewelry designers to show off their talents and get exposure!

Now for the details:
This first challenge will allow lampwork from any artisan. We require information about the artisan who made the beads used in the submitted piece, so if you submit something, please be ready to provide that information.

The challenges to follow will only allow Fire Divas' lampwork.

We will allow one submission per person per contest, and a maximum of two photos per submission. Entries may be submitted here ( for approval, no later than January 1, 2010. Please include, in the comments section, the following:
Information about the beads:
Description of the piece:
Inspiration for the piece:

Fire Divas reserve the right to approve or reject any submissions.

Fire Divas reserve the right to modify or cancel the challenge at any time.

Ok, the boring stuff is over - go have fun creating!

Just to clarify, Fire Diva entries are exempt. They are there to provide inspiration and to show what amazing pieces can be created using Fire Divas' lampwork beads!


  1. What about lampworked pendants???
    Can i enter one of our necklaces?

  2. Thanks to Glass Addictions for posting about this contest. I have a great piece that I'd like to enter, if only I get some good photos of it!

  3. This will be a very interesting challenge for me! "Challenge" being the operative word :) I've never tried this so please do NOT make fun! LOL

  4. Em, you know that no one would ever make fun of you!

    I have lots of lampwork beads. I'll have to see what I can come up with.


  5. Please feel free to enter any piece you would like; we will review all entries!

  6. I have been to your flikr but there is no entry form how do I enter please?

  7. BluMoon, just join the group and then submit 2 photos. Please add the requested info in the comments with your entry. The admins need to review all submission prior to approval. HTH.

  8. can I ask how the winner will be determined?


  9. what if they arent a member of the guild? I dont see three of my AF artists on the lists, one of mine is is also on etsy...?

  10. To answer the last two questions:

    1) The winner will be determined by an open poll.

    2) The lampwork artisan does not need to be a member of a guild or team.