Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fire Divas Gossip Column

Is your Christmas shopping done yet? There are only 25 more shopping and crafting days left. If you design jewelry and want to give something unique and all artisan created, make sure you check out the Fire Divas links to the side of the blog and buy handmade lampwork for your designs! And if you don't design jewelry, many Divas also have ready to wear jewelry in their shops.

Eileen shares a secret she's been hiding for months about stuff she's been playing with. She's been holding out on us!

Cyber Monday starts at midnight at Fire N Sand's etsy shop. Make sure you read about the specifics!

Over at Glass Addictions, I show an awesome video and muse about how jealous I am of how hot those people are.

Holly gets a very special gift from a very special person.

Lara's been playing with a new awesome glass color!

Maybeads has some adorable critters at a discount!

Marcy has been considering adding to her repertoire and researching non traditional examples.

That's it! But if that's not enough juicy gossip for the week, check out the Fire Divas etsy thread. Have a great week!

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