Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The holidays are over and the year is winding down, but the Fire Divas are still busy making glass treasures. Find out what else they've been up to in this week's gossip:

Holly continues to be a busy elf, and even made something for herself!

Marcy shows you what kind of dessert $750 will buy you, but take her advice and spend your money elsewhere (like in her Etsy shop!).

Eileen shares her Amish Friendship Bread recipe, but she also shows you how you can get the same good smells of baking in your house without even turning on your oven (I've tried it and it works!).

We have a couple new fur baby additions to our household, and I show them off over at Maybeads.

The Fire Divas hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Don't forget to vote in our holiday bead challenge ------------------------>

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