Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fire Divas Gossip Column

There are only 18 more shopping and crafting days until Christmas! That means there is still plenty of time make jewelry using artisan lampwork beads. And if you are making gifts with artisan lampwork beads, you should snap a photo and enter it into the Fire Divas inaugural jewelry challenge! You can see the entries to date at the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge Flickr group.

On to the GOSSIP!

Eileen will be selling her beads at a bazzar in the Owings Mills area today and would love to meet some of her readers!

Fire-n-Sand had a cyber Monday sale and blogged about the jewelry challenge that all of you should totally enter.

Over at Glass Addictions, I am having the "I want a party sale". If you want details of this awesome sale, better stop by and see how much you can potentially save.

Holly experiences a violent end to a glass bead (not pretty!). Please shield the eyes of young children and those with weak stomachs.

Over at Playing with Fire, Laurie is sick of being told where to buy what at what price by big box retailers and gives a great explanation of how to shop from local artisans.

Maybeads has lots of fun reading and photos this week! Knock knock jokes, frogs, cats and dogs living in must be the end of the world! Go read before it all ends.

Marcy always has crazy things going on. Today she's contemplating sky diving while doing a mushroom study....hmmm...

Not enough gossip for ya? Then head on over to read the weekly etsy thread where we discuss all kinds of fun things.

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