Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day: Tuesday, October 25th

Happy Tuesday! This evening we are enjoying this very shapely amber vessel from Karen of Fire-n-Sand:

Amber Blown Glass Vessel - Karen of Fire-n-Sand
This is a very "fluid" embodiment of the fall weather we're having here, and it just seems to glow with warm autumn sentiment... Does it make you think of cinnamon-spiced cookies, or hot pumpkin pie scenting up the kitchen? Look at how smoothly the tiny handle is connected to the body, no acute angles, just smooth flowing glass... Of course expression is a wonderful facet of glass art, and this one speaks volumes to me without being overstated. Visit Karen's shop to see if one is calling your name, or just to enjoy the seasonal warmth pouring out of her tiny vessels and beads at Fire-n-Sand on Etsy. *
*This vessel qualifies for the Bead of the Day discount! Send Karen a line before checkout to get Free Shipping!*

The Fire Divas team? Oh, we're going strong! Just pop in to one of our ArtFire or Etsy threads to say "hi" or see what's new for autumn; remember this is the busy season for us fire-loving-ladies, so you should see more and more new and exciting beads and pendants as we ramp up our holiday activity... See you back here soon!

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  1. That's my bead :-)) I fell in love with this little vessel and it now lives with me in Deepest Darkest Rural France