Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glass Bead of the Day: Tuesday, October 4th

Happy Tuesday!  Today we are enjoying this new blue etched set from Rosemarie of Spawn of Flame:
Handmade Lampwork Glass Frosted Bead Set - Webbed Silvered Ivory - Spawn of Flame

They are larger than the beads Rosemarie usually makes, so if you like her cool spacers already, these should REALLY float your boat! :)  The techniques Rosemarie uses yield this exotic silvered ivory pattern over the other color combinations beneath.  As a boro gal, I am of course very envious of this bead method because we don't have this color effect in boro!  See what else Rose has that's "spawned from the flame" lately by perusing her Etsy shop or her ArtFire shop.  PLUS if you act now, she will give you 15% off the set while they are chosen as "Bead of the Day!"

What is the Fire Divas group up to, you ask?  Well come visit our ArtFire and Etsy threads! Thanks for reading another installment of the Fire Divas blog, and I'll see you back here for more Beads of the Day later. :)

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  1. Just gotta say - I LOVE Spawn of Flame. Rosemarie makes the most wonderful beads and ships them out PDQ. I have a few rattling around in a bead bin because they just got so precious for me that I can't bear to build anything with them yet. :)