Monday, January 2, 2012

Glass Bead of the Day: Monday, January 2nd

Wow, can you believe this is the first Bead of the Day for 2012?  Don't worry, it's the first of many, MANY beads of the days coming your way in 2012! :)  Today's bead is this gorgeous raku heart by Susan Lambert:
Lampwork Heart Raku by Susan Lambert

The swirling colors and luscious variety on this heart bead make it a fantastic focal, especially with February just around the corner.  The hole actually runs through the lobes horizontally, so check out the listing for other views so you can see the horizontal elegance of this heart bead.  See what else Susan has melting up in her Etsy shop here.

Don't forget, the Fire Divas are busy at work every day (or at least every week!) making new goodies, pushing the artistic boundaries of lampwork and glass art.  Visit the ArtFire and Etsy chat threads to say "hi" and see what's fresh this week.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! That would make a lovely pendant! going to have to get one!!