Saturday, October 27, 2012

After months away from the torch the weather is finally cooling down thanks to hurricane Sandy. I decided yesterday would be the day I would light my flame and melt some glass. I turned on the kiln to begin its warm up, brushed off the dried up leaves (dont ask) and the cobwebs and dust from my bench, got the music playing, propped open the garage door just enough to let in some fresh air but not be exposed to the wind gusts outside. I made myself a yummy berry smoothie, turned on the fan and plugged in the ventilation....... the time has come to torch! I turned on the propane..........hissssssssssssssss! Oh no! I checked the regulator to make sure it was screwed on tightly, turned the propane back on and hisssssssssssss! The valve on the propane tank is leaking! *Heavy Sigh* aaaaand.......... thats a wrap, shut it all down! :o/ I will live to fire up the torch another day!

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