Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Look at a Lampworker's Workspace

I thought I would share what my lampworking space looks like so that you can see a little bit of how lampwork glass beads get their start.  Do keep in mind that each lampworker's space will be unique to their style of working and what level of messy they can stand while creating.  This is super messy for me, but I know lampworkers whose space is far messier than mine and they make some fabulous beads lol! 
So any way, this is my main work area,  you can see my kiln on the right, my ventilation in the middle and my lovely purple torch slightly to the right.  As you can see there are lots of tools, scattered around as well as glass.  On a side note, I drink a lot of water when I am torching, since the heat makes me thirsty lol.

This is my glass.  It is stored on these shelves by coe (co efficent) and then further organized by color.  I will be honest, I can go downstairs and just enjoy looking at my glass. ( I have a hard and fast rule that I don't torch when I am tired, its dangerous and not worth the chance of burning myself badly.  Don't ask me how I found this out lol)  So on the days that I work I don't torch.  So if I am really feel the pull to torch on those days, I will go down and do some pre torching color matching and designing.  Lampworking helps me destress and relax and it makes me happy to make beautiful things.

Please, have a look around our blog and check out the great lampworkers and the wonderful beads that they make that are a part of this group.   Now you have a bit of an idea what at least one lampworker's space looks like!
Sonja McClung


  1. Looks fabulous Sonja! I admit I drooled at your glass supply abit sorry about that! :-)

  2. Thanks! Cindy, I drool over my glass too lol.

    Holly, I found the brown one with the shelves at the thrift store. It has wheels and it used to be used for cubbyholes for kids to store their stuff in at school. I saw it and had to have it lol. It was $15.00 I think.

  3. Replies
    1. yes it is lol. And the customer service is awesome