Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm Coming Home.... Tell the world I'm Coming home...

May 7, 2011.... It's not a holiday anywhere in the world that I know of....It has no real significance probably to anyone but me, unless of course it's your birthday LOL.  And if that's the case, here's an early Happy Birthday wish!!!! ;-)

May  7, 2011...  It doesn't really seem that it's been 18 months.  It is and was, the last time I posted on this blog. The article was a dedication to all Mothers,.... a visual Mothers Day card from the Fire Divas.  And as I was reading that article, a song by Skylar Grey popped into my head... and although all of the lyrics don't  necessarily pertain to this article, the following 3 lines do:

                     " I'm coming home,
                        I'm coming home,
                        Tell the world I'm coming home...."

You see, this was the first team I joined on Etsy.  I learned how to promote here, how to effectively work my site, how to take better pictures, and in the process I also made new online friends, got reacquainted with old friends who were part of the group, and developed relationships with members in other countries. I learned to blog, tweet, re-tweet, HootSuite, Flickr, and a host of other valuable tips and techniques that helped my online visibility. The team is made up of a group of really fabulous and caring ladies.....all very  uniquely different- who share a common love  It's the glue that keeps this team going ..sorta' like the  "Energizer Bunny"....  we just keep going , and going, and going....LOL

So it's fitting that today it feels like I'm home....It's familiar,--- like slipping on an old favorite tattered but cozy housecoat, or favorite fuzzy, getting back on a bike..... It's comfortable.

In keeping it "real"... hats off to these Divas....oh,.... and feel free to check out their sites.. It's a perfect way to beat the holiday rush,-- and find fabulous finished jewelry and beads, that are unique and one-of-a-kind!  Happy Saturday!!!!!


Amy Sims Designs
Babs Beads and Design
Cindy Lynne Glass


Holly's Folly Glass


Silver River Glass Work

Spawn of Flame

Ugly Duckling Beads


  1. That was beautiful Kathleen, it really touched my heart ♥ Welcome home!

  2. Welcome home indeed my friend. So happy we are all making an effort to keep our blog going! ;0)