Monday, December 3, 2012

Fire Divas Holiday Glass Beads

We interrupt your regularly scheduled lampworking due to a Christmas decoration Pile up Blocking your access! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
In the meantime lets visit some of the other Fire Divas who are able to get to their workspaces!
Holly has made these adoreable Ornament beads, what cute earring these would make!
Lara Lutrick made this cute snowman pendant what a great gift!!
Rosemarie Hanus Made this set of gorgeous organic Christmas beads.
Amy Sims made this beautiful big hole bead perfect for Chanukah or Christmas gift giving!

Kathleen Robinson-Young shows her attention to incredible detail in this gorgeous floral bead.

Sonja McClung made this beautiful set of Christmassy florals.

We wish you all Happy Holidays.... now go forth and shop!


  1. All the beads are awesome. (just going to not comment on the mess at all...hehe)


  2. Thank you Regina its best not to mention it, it makes me want to cry. So much to do for the holidays and not so much desire to do it. I just wanna light my fire!!