Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fire Divas Holiday Traditions

Believe it or not, sitting behind our torches aren't the only things Diva's do for the holidays. I asked the Divas to share some of their holiday traditions.

My own personal favorite holiday tradition is going to the bonfire lighting on the levee of the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Tradition there is that Santa can't see to navigate the bayou in the dark so all the families would come out and build these 20 - 30 foot high bonfires to let Santa know where to stop. Now, entire villages have bonfire lightings. 
 Some of the bonfires just before Christmas Eve 2009
They have contests for the shape of the bonfire, the local fire dept will have a chili contest and sell of the makings. People play Christmas music from speakers on top of trucks. It goes on til Midnight and you can see bonfires for miles miles on the levee. 

Lara Lutrtick's favorite holiday tradtition dates back to junior high:

My mom would bake gingerbread houses and my sister and I would go and pick up the candies we wanted to use and make yummy houses. My sister now lives far away, but I would like to see her and my nephew make gingerbread houses too, maybe when he is older.

Sonja of Silver River Glassworks reflects back to her German heritage

My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve at my sisters house. We have a traditional German meal with homemade spaetzl and then read the Christmas story out loud. Then we open gifts and hang out.

Amy Sims of Amy Sims Designs concentrates on making memories for her children:

I don't really have any from my childhood, but for my kids we've been making gingerbread houses every year and that's been a lot of fun. Now that they are getting older the house are getting more elaborate and better executed!

 Rose of  Spawn of Flame takes pleasure in simple tradition.

We go to church.

And Cindy of CindyLynneGlass cracked us all up with her holiday traditions:

There was a traditional poker game that my parents and my mothers brothers and sisters would always play after dinner and gift opening. My cousins, my sister and I would put on a skit each year. We did little comedy acts, or made up plays, I would do some gymnastics. Havent thought of that in years! But I can remember a picture my mother took of me wearing a wig, white gloves and a short shirt funny, I can see that picture clear as day in my mind!
 And folks, here it is! Cindy in all her glory!

We would LOVE it if you shared some of your holiday traditions with us below!

Happy Holidays from the Fire Divas!

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  1. What wonderful, fun and different things we all do for Christmas. Handing down those memories and traditions is such great thing to link generations.