Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years Resolutions

The question asked to the Fire Divas this week is: Do you have any New Years goals/resolutions for your bead/jewelry business?
In this blog post, you can find a member's shop by clicking on their name and their bead listing by clicking on the photo. 
SonjaMcClung writes:  One of my goals is to be more organized. And to push myself to make more difficult beads and to follow through and actually make some of the tutorials I have purchased lol.

Cindy Haberman writes: Currently my goal is getting my shed finished so that I can put my studio together and get back on the torch. I will have my torching set up, a fusing area and a metal working area all in one space instead of spread out between a room in our house and a spot in the garage. I have loads of ideas for my copper designs and want to incorporate my beads in more of my designs. 


Lara Lutrick writes: I am in a funk with my jewelry design and need to rotate more jewelry through my local Gallery (Up Front in Issaquah Washington). To start with this goal I am taking Kerry Bogart's on line jewelry course, Aspire to Wire. This started on Monday and is a new design every day. I hope I can keep up. My other goal is to do more bead shows this year. So far I'm signed up for one and hoping to do 2 or three more.

Rosemarie Hanus writes: My goal is to add some new bead types to my store. I've been working on flowers.

Holly Dare writes:  My biggest goal is to get my shop cleaned up! My work table is a mess... I usually clean it every fall but I got way to busy this past fall! I would love to work on more Memorial beads this year. That's the work that has the most meaning for me.


  1. I'm hoping to organize both my glass studio and sewing room in order to be more productive than I have been in the last few months.

  2. Good Goal Karen & team!

    Can't wait to hear more about Lara's Class!