Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip 2/6/11

This week there are a lot of Fire Diva giveaways going on, so be sure to check them all out! We're also fast approaching the deadline for our latest Jewelry Challenge, so be sure to get in on that. Now let's get to the gossip . . .

Melanie is back in action and color testing two new glass colors this week. For her results, head on over to Mind Melt.

Janel is running a giveaway! You know what that means - her talented cat Maynard will be put to work picking the winnr! There's still time to enter, so get over to Janel Dudley Beads and see what you're playing for.

It's movie time over at Lutrick, and Lara's showing a cool film about how glass gets its color from silver and gold.

Have you heard about the Fire Divas current Jewelry Challenge? In case you haven't, get all the information over at Silver River Jewelry ~ there's still time to enter!!!

It's all about eye candy over at Ashlyn Design, and Lori is serving up oodles of it. Just be sure not to drool all over your keyboard.

I'm sharing ridiculous snow day pictures at
Maybeads, plus some childish fun on Therapy Thursday.

Ema is showing off her One World One Heart giveaway prize, and also sharing a family favorite recipe. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy the goodies at

Judith is serving up hearts in all colors, and one of them could be yours! Head to Judith's Bead Lounge for your chance to win her stunning One World One Heart giveaway prize!

Holly's OWOH giveaway is also in full swing, and she's got some Fire Diva picks for Valentine's Day as well. Stop by
Holly's Folly Glass for your chance to win one of her off-mandrel hearts!

Do you own a rope chain bracelet? Then get over to
Icarus Beads - Dreams about Glass & Color, where you can win Judith's gorgeous big hole bead in her OWOH giveaway! You don't want to miss this!

The rest of the divas who blog are on the lower left side of the Fire Divas page, so if you missed any previous weeks, be sure to check down there.

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