Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glass Bead Of the Day: February 2

It's allways very tempting to use the BOTD post to show off the most intriquate, colourful, advanced beads made by a diva. (And there are many!) But, as any jewelry maker knows, a big focal needs more silent companions to make a stunning piece of jewelry. This is where spacers come in.

Spacers is almost another form of beadmaking. They have to be neatly done to enhance the focal but still not so great that they almost hide the centerpiece.

I think these by Lara would be a wonderful complement in any necklace or bracelet:
Little Purple Scrolls

You can find them in Lara Lutricks ArtFire shop.

Why not use them for your contribution to the Quarterly Jewelry Challenge!! Still a week left to deadline.

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