Saturday, November 5, 2011

ArtFire Collection of the Week: Sometimes Simple is Best

Each week, the Fire Divas bring you a fresh ArtFire Collection and Etsy Treasury. These are items compiled by our members with a theme in type of bead, colors, holiday, etc. We would like to share them with you on the blog over the weekend.

This week's ArtFire collection was made by me, Lara Lutrick. I wanted to show beads of one color and how a simple single colored bead could be beautiful. Now, finding single colored beads from each of the shops was difficult. My shop didn't have any so I had to choose a set with fine silver dots. Patrice didn't have a single colored item, so I choose the bat as it was the closest. :-)


  1. I so agree with the often times Simple is Best; it took me a while to learn this in my own jewelry designing, well really only earrings, but when I started letting the beads speak and using simple bead weaving techniques I was amazed at how many compliments I started getting...glad to find your blog I'm on Artfire too under thebeadstylist & jewelry under the_accidental_artist ...