Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lampwork Bead of the Day: November 23

This Sunday is the first of Advent! Can't believe how quickly this semester has rushed by.

Are you getting thee holliday feeling yet? I'm slowly starting to, and will more so when the advent stars and candlesticks will decorate the house. (Do you do stars and candlesticks in the US during advent?)

And my mind turns to red. Not furiouse red, but Christmas red. Like these:

Glass Bead Pair Small Webbed Silvered Ivory 11x7mm Red

Rose from Spawn of Flame made them. She's really got the hang on wavy spacers!


  1. Thank you for choosing my beads today!

    I do not know about Advent stars, but we do use candles. I am most familiar with the wreath with 3 purple candles and 1 pink symbolizing Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.

  2. We're decorating today. Maybe I'll show you a picture of the traditional, swedish advent arrangements! :)

  3. Lovely beads Rosemary!
    We are decorating today also.