Monday, February 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - Lauren May Mazursky

Here we are in February and it's time to get up close and personal with another Diva. The Fire Diva of the Month is Lauren May Mazursky of MayBeads.

Lauren is yet another tireless cheerleader for the Divas, always encouraging and positive and she brings a big smile to our forums!

Lauren's lampworking studio is located in Buffalo Grove, IL. Lauren was born little bit further south in the big windy city.

Lauren started lampworking about two years ago and describes her style as "quirky and cartoonish", with 99% of them being critters. According to Lauren, turtles, dogs, penguins, owls, aliens, cats, googly eyes all rule!

Her absolute favorite is the turtle bead. She begins by getting her round bead "fix" by making really pretty and decorative beads. But she doesn't stop there. Next, Lauren adds feet, face and a tail... and check out the TOES!

I think Lauren has just as much fun naming her beads as she does making them!!1

Check in next Monday for part two where we will discuss all things glass! In the meantime, here's links to all things Lauren:

Lauren's EtsyLauren's Twitter MayBeads Blog
Maybeads on FlickrMaybead's Facebook Fan Page


  1. What an awesome article.

    You know I'm one of your biggest fans - you Diva you.... Your work is wonderful!!

    hugs ♥toni

  2. Congrats Lauren!!!! We all appreciate your input and help!!!

  3. Congratulations and a great big thank you Lauren.
    Love to see your smiling face.

  4. Yay Lauren congrats!! You an awesome lady and lampworker!!! Love your fun critters!

  5. Lauren, your beads are amazing, so lifelike! And it's great to see the adorable smiling face behind the beads!

    Congrats! You deserve it!