Monday, February 15, 2010

Fire Diva of the Month - Lauren Mazursky - Part 3

This week, we are getting to know the lighter side of our Diva of the Month, Lauren Mazursky of Maybeads.

What is on your nightstand…list everything?

A dish for change and jewelry, a lamp, chapstick, alarm clock, books and the controller to my side of our heated mattress pad.

If we were visiting, and starving and you weren’t home…what could we find in your pantry / fridge to use to whip up a meal?

Everything for nachos. In fact, that could be what I’ll whip up tonight. There’s always some chicken in the freezer, too.

Favorite color and how does this show up in your bead work?
Blue. I like to use blue for all animals, especially dogs.

Making beads is solitary work. How do you handle that??? If you listen to music / watch videos, please share some of your playlist.

I enjoy the solitude. I listen to an ipod usually, and lately I’ve got the Jersey Boys soundtrack going. I can’t get enough of that.

Describe the most fun day you’ve ever had.
I’d have to say a day at the beach on Lake Michigan. I love summer days there with my kids when the waves are high. Then going out to dinner.
If you had one wish, what would it be???

In terms of my business, I’d absolutely love a real studio. I’d love my very own room with everything set up in it and a door that closes.

Who do you most admire in glass and if you could take a class with that person, what would you most want to learn?

Nikki Carollo (don’t mean to embarrass her, but she knows this already) – I’d love to learn techniques from her and get critter tips. I’d also just like to watch her at the torch and see her process.

What is the first thing you do when you get home?

Pet my kittens and cat – usually one of them is waiting when I get home.

Do you have a day job??? If yes, what is your favorite thing about it???
Not now, this is my day job. I waited tables for 18 years before I learned to make beads, but it was a night job. I have three kids, so they are my “job” if you want to call it that.

Name three tv shows you watch but are kind of embarrassed about.

Haha – only three? I love reality shows – Survivor (not embarrassed, though), Amazing Race (still not embarrassed), The Bachelor (very embarrassed).

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  1. Great article Holly! It's so fun getting to know our divas!