Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gossip Column

The Fire Divas have been busy bees all week! Our team sale may have ended, but the Divas haven't stopped creating and talking about it - and other things. Check it all out here:

Farm Girl Cat is hosting a giveaway - click on over to her blog for your chance to win one of her gorgeous creations!

Babs Beads has had a crazy week, but she had just enough time to show off a fancy fish bead.

Over at Fire-N-Sand, Karen reveals her careful bead and glass packing methods.

Great news over at Lampwork Glass Beads ~ she's been published . . . twice! Check it out to see where to find her eye candy!

Janel has moved lots of her amazing beads to clearance ~ take a look!

Eileen is SO close to reaching a milestone goal, and you can help!

New Fire Diva Melanie reveals her winter colour diet over at Mind Melt. You knew she wasn't from the US by the spelling of colour, didn't you? She's a neighbor up north, in Canada!

Beady Girl gives a sneak peek of her beads going to the Iowa Bead Fair this weekend. I bet there will be a line at her booth!

Holly is laying some speckled eggs - and they're getting snatched up quick!

Ema and Lea reveal their lucky One World One Heart winners - spreading the love.

Silver River Jewelry is all about the virtues of layering - find out how to do it well!

It may be winter, but Prima Donna Beads is spreading the summer vibes with her Flower Power necklaces - these are stunning!

And over at Maybeads, I'm showing off what inspired my recent kitty cat beads. Meow.

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