Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - Lara Lutrick

Oh my! The year is flying by and it's already the 1st again. This month, we are getting know Lara Lutrick, our Diva of the Month for July.

Lara lives in an apartment and gas tanks are a no - no in most apartment buildings so she has to torch in her parents garage in Issaquah, Washington. She's glad for the opportunity of having access to their garage but the downside is that she only gets to torch once or twice a week.

Lara loves making organic beads and describes that as "a loose term for free-form or abstract beads that do not have a particular pattern. I like to use metal (silver, copper or gold) foil or leaf in my beads to help create more colors and textures than can be created by using the glass alone.

This bead is using twisties as a design element. "I love that changing the colors in the twisty or the thickness of the twisty causes the bead to look different every time."

Lara feels she doesn't have a particular style in general but adds "I like to experiment too much! I think I’m most known for my focal organic beads. They are my favorite to make. I like how making the same bead over and over again can look different each time.  I have been making smaller beads lately to fit onto the Pandora style beads and for jewelry components.  For these I like to make bright beads that stand out in jewelry. "

So join us on the 8th, 15th and  22nd as we learn all about Lara and see more of her gorgeous beads!

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