Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The Divas have been busy bees this week, so let's get to the gossip and see what's going on!

Lori's been keeping a secret and she's finally spilling the beans. Head over to Ashlyn Design or turn to page 20 of Bead Trends magazine to find out her good news.

Lea is spreading her wings and just joined a new Etsy team. Stop by lajewelrydesigns to find out why she's all atwitter.

Melanie's color testing posts are baaaaack! On the menu this week at Mind Melt is Split Pea, and now she even has some fab new dishes in which to serve some real split peas. But not surprisingly, these dishes are inspiring her to cook up some new beads instead of edible treats.

Patrice isn't letting a little burn thwart her creativity ~ at Shepherd Creations she shows her torching battle scars and how she was able to move on a keep making fabulous art.

Lara of Lutrick isn't letting her Diva of the Month status go to her head. She's still appearing at her local Farmer's Market with her good friend Lori and their finished jewelry pieces.

Holly has a tooth ache, so she's having a sale! Makes perfect sense to me. Head over to Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog for details, and find out why she's also already thinking about Fall.

Janel is showing off a custom piece at Janel Dudley Beads ~ it's getting glowing reviews!

Tera is also showing off a jewelry piece, and this one made it into her first publication ~ so head over to Beadygirl Blog to find out where!

Looking for jewelry findings? Amy has found them and stocked up a new Etsy shop. Amy's Glass Blog will show you where to go.

Theresa wants more power! Help her earn the funds for her new oxycon by participating in her ArtFire SALE! Head on over to Tease Beads for details.

Silver River Jewelry has a broken heart. :(

Eileen from Dorset Hill Beads is going through a lot of changes. Her Monday Meditation says it all.

Judith is realizing just how mysterious romance can be - so she's taking her time. At Icarus Beads - Dreams about Glass & Color, you'll see what has got her heart on hold.

There are only a few more days to enter the Fire Divas' Quarterly Jewelry Challenge, so get those Summer-themed pieces photographed and let's see 'em!

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