Monday, March 22, 2010

Diva of the Month: Theresa Ehlers Part 4

This post concludes our four - part series on March's Diva of the Month. We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Diva Admin, Theresa Ehlers of Teasebeads!

Which of your secrets do we not know… is there something else you would like us to know about you or your work?

My husband is my biggest motivator. He supports me, encourages me, helps me market, and gives me ideas. No matter how frustrated I get, he won’t let me give up. If it weren’t for him, I never would have melted a single rod. Plus, he never complains when I buy glass.

How has your work changed since you began?

It’s bigger. Much, much bigger. My first focals were about ½” and spacers as small as 2mm. Now an inch and a half is normal for me, and I have been known to reach 2” on occasion!

What is the biggest challenge you want to accomplish in the next few months?

Getting my studio set up in its own building. I really want to be able to work year-round and have all my things organized. It is a mess right now. I have about 70lbs of glass and it is all stacked in a couple big plastic storage containers.

What do you like about being a Fire Diva?

I like the way it makes me feel more like a peer than a solitary artist. It allows me to connect with people who have the same interest I do. I love to see other members’ work and feel proud of what we have all accomplished as a group, and excited about what is to come in the future.

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