Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

Let's get ready to gossip! Here's the latest from the Fire Divas:

There's a mystery bead on Janel's blog, and she needs your help to identify it. And guess what? You could win a prize for your bead knowledge!

Farm Girl Cat has what lampworkers love to receive - pictures of her beads in action. Check out what one talented jewelry designer did with her beads.

Donna is allowing us to live vicariously through her while she's doing a bead show in Hawaii over the weekend. And a successful one at that - with many sales and a rainbow to boot!

Holly gives an eye-opening look at sculptural beads and how they're made. Every kind of lampworker should check this out.

Over at Maybeads, I show how everyday things, like cupcakes, become inspiration for sculptural bead makers.

And Ema also shows what inspires her, and her results are, Om-azing!

What does Jamie do in the wee hours of the morning? You'll have to check out her blog to find out.

Lea unveils a new blog feature, and it's a real gem.

Two Glassy Ladies, a new member of the Fire Divas, shows off a set of beads called Alien Blood Stream. Love the name - love the beads even more! Check them out here.

More color experiments are happening over at Mind Melt - you don't want to miss these.

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