Monday, March 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - Theresa Ehlers

This month we are getting to know one of the admins for the Fire Divas, Theresa Ehlers of Teasebeads on both Etsy and Artfire. Come along for the four part series and get to know another Diva!

Theresa's lampworking studio is located in Indian Trail, NC (outside of Charlotte) in her garage. But it is her dream to one day have a heated studio so she can torch year round. Theresa is a native of Easton, CT.

She started lampworking after taking a class in May of 2007 and getting her torch the following July.

Theresa has several beads she loves making over and over: hearts, tabs and "embellished tubes."

Gold Dust Heart Baby Blue Tab Old Country "Embellished Tube"

She describes her style as "free-style." Theresa prefers to go with what feels right at the time. She also really likes to include other things in her beads, like copper mesh, cubic zirconias, mica.

Teasebeads Etsy Theresa's Twitter Teasebeads - Artfire

Teasebeads Blog Teasebeads Fan Page Teasebeads on Flickr
Check back next week to read Theresa's take on all things glass.


  1. Though we "talk" all the time, I never knew what you looked like. That's one of the reasons I love Holly's Diva on the Month. We get to "see" all the members & find out a little more about them that we didn't I didn't know you were originally from CT! :)

  2. Holly's interviews are great! I am so glad she came up with the idea. I love getting to know the Divas better!

  3. Love the Fire Diva of the Month features! It has been very cool getting to know you ladies!

  4. This is really fun! I love that shell necklace, Theresa! Wowsers!