Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip

It's Spring Break for most of us, so let's find out what the Divas are up to during this sweet time of the year. Let's get to the gossip . . .

Leaves and Bellflowers are literally growing out of Holly's torch, but you'll have to head over to Holly's Folly to find out the key to her success.

Keys are a theme over at Janel Dudley Beads, too, but so are eyeballs. What?

Melanie is restricting herself to a colour diet ~ find out what that means and how it will expand her creativity at Mind Melt.

Farm Girl Cat headed across the Wisconsin border to a bead show in Madison for her spring break. Can't wait to find out how it went.

The fun is coming to Donna at her shop, The Mandrel. Find out who her guest glass bead maker is here.

Karen has flowers on her mind, and who can blame her?

Babs Beads reveals her favorite lampwork tool (weird, it's the same one as mine!) and also discusses a giveaway with her Artfire guild.

Need more inspiration for the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge? Lea has it.

Tease Beads reveals another Fabulous Friday Weekly Promo Sale ~ check it out!

Need a day brightener? Things are sunny and yellow over at Dorset Hill Beads.

At Maybeads, I reveal what happens to my wonky beads.

And welcome Debbi, a new member to the Fire Divas ~ she's starting off with a new torch.

Have you ever purchased beads from the Fire Divas? Do you like to create and design jewelry? Then check out our Quarterly Jewelry Challenge. The theme is spring, and we could all use a dose of that.

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