Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

This week in the Sunday Gossip, there are puppies and flowers and rainbows . . . what more could you want?

Patrice's beads are for the dogs . . . and cats and every other adoptable shelter pet. Find out what I'm talking about here.

Flowers are blooming over at Silver River Jewelry and Babs Beads, encase you need a touch of glassy springtime.

And Amy's Glass Blog has rainbows!

Melanie says that so far she's only made one bead worth showing with her latest test color - but you don't want to miss it! See it over at Mind Melt.

It's all about Holly over at Holly's Folly Bead and Jewelry Blog, and well, it should be.

One bead at Maybeads is acting a little spacey, but can you blame him?

Shhhh. Debbi likes to give sneak peeks of her beads before they go up on Etsy.

Tuesday's Treasures over at lajewelrydesigns features one of our very own Fire Divas. Who? You'll have to head on over to find out.

Glasstastic Treasures had a tax-day perk - I hope you took advantage of that.

Farm Girl Cat is showing off an entry in our Jewelry Challenge that features her beads - there's nothing more fun than seeing what jewelry designers do with our beads!

Janel and Lutrick reminded everyone to vote in our April Showers Bead Challenge. And now it's time to vote in the Fire Divas Spring Jewelry Challenge --------------> right here!

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