Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip

Me thinks the Fire Divas have caught a bit of Spring Fever. Don't believe me? Check out the gossip . . .

Amy's Glass Blog has gone green. And pink. And there are button mushrooms.

Melanie is going commando over at Mind Melt - what??? You'll have to visit her blog to see what I'm talkin' about.

Farm Girl Cat has got a wild giveaway going on - head on over to her blog and let the mighty rumpus begin.

Lara from Lutrick definitely has some Spring Fever - she spent the day at the Botanical Gardens and has the gorgeous pictures to prove it.

Eileen's Theme Thursday is going strong over at Dorset Hill Beads - this one has got me stumped! See if you know the answer.

Silver River Jewelry is glad to be back, and she's busy setting Spring goals.

Jamie at is asking the age old question, "What's in a Hollow Bead?" Is this a trick question? Find out at Glasstastic Treasures.

Holly's Folly Bead and Jewelry Blog gives inspiration for the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge, and also some good advice about customer service.

When Janel visited Holly last weekend, she not only had a blast, she got some pressing advice. Another example of Fire Divas helping each other out. =)

Fire-n-Sand Glass Art: The Journey reveals the winner of her gorgeous Spring bead - check to see if you won!

At Maybeads, I'm boasting about our kitten who was a big winner, and I'm also showing off my new purchase. You'll never guess what it is . . .

Debbi is having trouble focusing - is it Spring Fever? Some brain games will help.

Tuesday's Treasures over at lajewelrydesigns features a fabulous bead artist - but not a lampworker. Check it out!

Babs Beads is busy promoting . . . herself! That's because she's our Fire Diva of the Month for April.

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