Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fire Divas Gossip Column!

It has been a wonderful and hectic first week of school! I am happy that my children are settled but man it was worse than working the last week before Christmas at a toy retailer!!!! I did get to spend some much needed time with my torch and even got caught up on reading the juicy tidbits from my beloved Divas!! Lets see what they have been up to!

So to start off Lara Lutrick of  Lutrick Beads has once again made me wish I was a millionaire and could overnight about 10 pounds of each of the delicious "Z99" style colors she has featured!!! Let me tell you this post is not to be missed by anyone who either collects beads with this coveted color or makes them!! Great eye candy as well!!! Thanks Lara!!

In contrast to my school week Susan Lambert of Susan Lambert Glass and Silver Jewelry has finally had her first year of "No School" I can only wish her the best and feel a tad envious that she will have a lifetime of beading ahead of her :)!!!

Holly Dare of Holly's Folly Beads has some gorgeous beads to share and whats more one of the sets she actually found in a microwave!! (Just read the blog!!!) There is a little of the old mixed in with the new and everything is simply yummy!

Lori Bergmann of Ashlyn Design had a Friday Find that was out of this world cool. Whoda Thunk??? Just wait till you see the very unusual article that will now be the saving grace of her manicure! Curious? I bet you are so head on over to read and see some of her wonderful metal clay charms! ( They look amazing with her lampwork beads too!!)

Last but not least is Julie Cannon of Julsbeads  she has so many great sets of beads up they are perfect for the jewelry designer who needs that splash of amazing color! I just kept looking at the rows of beads and thinking  how lovely it would be to just fondle them all!!! Thanks Juls!!

I hope your week has been as wonderful and busy as mine has been and that your children are either enjoying their last moments of summer or you have gotten your first taste of a little peace and quiet :) If you are not a Mom (or Dad) then I hope you are having a week filled with whatever your creative heart desires!! Take care till next week!

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