Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Generally I have a lot to say. Give me  a topic I'm passionate about and I can talk your ear off for hours. I'm also an explainer... ( I don't really think that's a word), but it's important to me to explain things. With a background in Marketing and Instructional Technology,  I'm typically direct, concise, and easy to understand .  I feel the need to make sure my listener understands whatever it is I'm talking about down to the tiniest detail ( to the chagrin of most of my friends).  But in the end they're grateful for all the information and my tenacity for making things understood.

Today I'm doing something different.  I'm stepping "out of ME".  The beads I've chosen today speak for themselves.  They don't need any explaining.  They stand on their own merit.  And there's my cue!  Take a look.  Buy what you like... and enjoy all the wonderful beads made by my fellow Fire Divas!  Happy Shopping!
Aloha Bead
Susan Lambert
Susan Lambert
Beth Knapp Tyner
Juls Beads

Kitty Lampwork
Spawn of Flame

Holly's Folly Glass
Rivers Edge Glass
Ashlyn Design
Right Turn Art Werks
Ugly Duckling Beads
Shepherd Creations
Sun Door Beads
Amy Sims Design
Babs Beads and Design

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