Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diva of the Month Part 2 Jamie Rose

Welcome back to our four part series on Diva of the Month, Jamie Rose of Glasstastic Treasures. This week Jamie answers all the glassy questions we can throw her way!

What attracted you to glass?
It's shiny and sparkly, and I'm amazed by what I can do with it.

Many glass artists have training in other art mediums. Do you? If yes, please explain.
Let's see....stained glass, knitting, crochet, embroidery, macrame, lampwork, I love just about everything!

Tall Pumpkin Glass Bead

3. Describe the first bead you made that you were really proud of? Are you still proud
of it now? (Please send a photo if you have one.)

I'm proud of every bead I ever made, mainly because I never thought I'd be able to do anything like this before. But making the fish beads is my absolute favorite.

What inspires you? Everything!

Do you have a plan when you sit down to torch? Do you sketch beads or have photos around for reference?
Sometimes something just inspires me, like the Pixar cartoon Toy Story. Now I'm on a Mr Potato Head rampage! Most of the time I just like to sit and play. The internet is a wonderful place for inspiration.

Photography seems to be a key element for any glass artist. What type of camera /
lightbox set up do you use?
Uh, lightbox? What's that? I have a cheapie Sony camera and I use desk lamps and whiteboard for my lightbox. I don't need anything fancy.

If the issue of finances (i.e. will it sell?) were of no consequence, what would you spend your time making?
I already make what I like. If it doesn't sell, then it's mine!!! muwah haha

What kind of jewelry do you wear? Everyday vs. out on the town?
Almost always earrings. but since lampwork, I wear necklaces quite often.

What is the one skill you wish came easier to you? Patience waiting for the kiln to cool. But really, making twisties. I'm too impatient and I pull too fast, so my twisties are thread thin.

What do you love about marketing your business? What’s the hardest part of
marketing it?
I love all the great friends I've met who also sell handmade. I have friends all around the world now: Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, and all across America! *hi everyone* The hardest part is all the time it takes to market. Learning SEO *I'm lucky I remember what it stands for, let alone what to do*

Check back with us on the 15th for more with Jamie!

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