Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31st - Bead of the Day

For the last day of May, I've chosen this little earring pair from AnkleBiterBeads on Etsy to be our beads of the day.

So.  Very.  Cute.  I just couldn't resist the surprised looks on their little faces.  Can you?

The Fire Divas have all conspired to put together a Bead of the Day promotion, and as a result, Deirdre will give you 10% off these little guys because you saw them here first.  Buy them within 24 hours of this post hitting the blog to get your discount.

Check out other Fire Diva listings on Etsy and ArtFire by searching for 'Fire Divas', and keep your eyes on this blog in June as the Fire Divas gear up for summer!

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