Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip

The Divas have been very busy this spring. We're all working on beads for our next challenge - which will have a flower theme. So let's start with Lampwork Glass Beads, Playing With Fire, where Laurie is showing off her lampwork flower tutorial (now for sale in her Etsy shop!) for all of us florally-challenged lampworkers.

Janel's beads are sprouting up in new forms - see her latest designs at JanelDudleyBeads.

And in case you didn't know, Holly is an expert encaser. But don't take my word for it, head over to Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog.

Amy has finished her exams, so it's time to space out. See what I'm talking about at Amy's Glass Blog.

Silver River Jewelry has got her bead of the week on display ~ this you don't want to miss!

Ema is asking the age-old question How Long Does it Take to Make a Bead? But in asking it, she realizes there's much much more to the answer.

Patrice shows what it looks like to be a true Fire Diva ~ and now she could probably use a back rub.

Jessica is taking off and leaving the torch behind. But when she comes back all relaxed and rejuvenated, look out for some fantastic new beads!

Farm Girl Cat is making butter and getting a tattoo ~ is there any connection between those two activities?

See what's making Melanie so freakin' happy over at Mind Melt.

Need some inspiration? Head over to Icarus Beads and find out how to fight off Artists' Block.

At Maybeads, I'm paying it forward with a giveaway. Ding ding ding!

Tuesday's Treasures over at lajewelrydesigns features a glass artist, but it's not a lampworker. I refuse to tell you what kind, you'll have to head over to find out for yourself.

And stop on by Dorset Hill Beads for some good words to live by.

Have a great week!

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