Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday - What My Mother Would Like

Ok, so your mileage may vary, but my mom  has some eclectic taste.  She's been a great mom through thick and thin (and it's a bit thin right now, and she's still there!), so here's what I would like to get her (for next year of course, I already made her something wonderful) for being such a good sport, especially with other kids to love and support at the same time.

Ok, so in retrospect, it appears I think my mom loves earth tones... And I think I'm right!  We had lots of customers this month looking for "just the right thing" for their mothers -- so much so that some of them had to phone-a-friend right in front of us to help decide.  Moms are worth the extra effort, and on that note, I'd like to also thank all the moms that also have to do something for other moms - you ladies ROCK!  Keep it up, you might just get something this nice again next year ;)

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