Friday, June 4, 2010

Bead of the Day: ArtFire Friday - June 4th

Lara is on vacation this week, so I am standing in for her.  Since it's ArtFire Friday, I had the great pleasure of touring though all of the Fire Diva ArtFire stores today in search of my pick for Bead of the Day.

This ArtFire Friday's bead of the day is this beautiful Mommy Heart Pendant from Teasebeads.

I'm sort of mystified by how, exactly, Theresa manages this, but the end result of Mommy and Baby hearts is adorable!

If you buy this heart within 24 hours of this blog posting, Theresa will give you 15% off as part of our Bead of the Day Promotion.

Have an awesome weekend!  Why not spend some of it shopping for Fire Divas beads?  You can find us on ArtFire and Etsy by doing a search for 'Fire Divas'.

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