Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

The Fire Divas are keeping busy. There's the June Bead Challenge going on right now, and we're accepting submissions for the next Jewelry Challenge as well. But we all have time for a little gossip, so let's get to it!

Need a piece of jewelry that will dress up a t-shirt and jeans and also look hot at a cocktail party? Head on over to Silver River Jewelry to check out the Jewerly Item of the week. And while you're there, wish her a belated Happy Birthday!

An unexpected visitor showed up at Patrice's studio this week, and I'm guessing it could soon be immortalized in glass. Just a hunch. Stop by Shepherd Creations and see if you agree.

Janel of Janel Dudley Beads and Melanie of Mind Melt are both reminding everyone about the Fire Divas June Bead Challenge. Voting has begun for the bead challenge ----> on the right! Ema K, Janel and Melanie are all talking about the Summer Jewelry Challenge - so all you designers who use Fire Diva Beads - check it out!

You don't want to miss the new bead sets Amy is showing off at Amy's Glass Blog. Me thinks bigger IS better.

What's in a name? Holly from Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog answers what's behind many of the Fire Divas' shop names.

Eileen has been absent from Dorset Hill Beads lately, but she's always got positive words of wisdom to share.

More pieces to the studio puzzle fall into place over at Tease Beads. And guess what else? She's having a BOGO sale in her ArtFire shop!

If you've ever wondered what a weekend retreat at Frantz Art Glass would be like, stop byAshlyn Design and Lori will give you a sneak peek. Lots and lots of glass . . . For more
More colors to test over at Lampwork Beads by Lara - some interesting reactions.

Lea is still at it, with Part 2 of her Fire Divas' feature at lajewelrydesigns. You don't want to miss these glassy treasures!

It's not just company and her garden keeping Farm Girl Cat busy these days - find out what she's preparing for here.

Susan has bad news for one pretty sunset bead. Head on over to susanlambert to see what it is.

At Maybeads, I'm showing off some new turtle styles. Not all turtles are round.

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