Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fire Divas Gossip Column

This week, there are critters (yay!) and lots of new creations by the Fire Divas. So let's get to the gossip and see what's going on!

Head to Silver River Jewelry to see her Glass Bead of the Week. While you're drooling over her beautiful ball of bubbles, be sure to scroll up and down to see her sweet and lethargic kitty cat.

Patrice hasn't turned her new lizard friend into glass (yet), but you have to see what she has been turning into glass. Stop by Shepherd Creations to be amazed!

I want to live near Amy, because this weekend her community is putting on an art stroll. Stroll on over to Amy's Glass Blog to find out what that is.

If you're waiting for more of Melanie's fabulous and thorough color tests, hang in there. Due to a move, Mind Melt is not running on a schedule at the moment, but keep checking back.

Ema K is showing off some of her favorites from her Fellow Fire Divas ~ thanks, Ema!

Head on over to Dorset Hill Beads for a Heads Up on what she's been up to. And boy (and girl) is it cute!

Janel got her hands on some new and amazing glass, so head on over to Janel Dudley Beads NOW to see just what she's done with it. It's glow-mazing!

There's a lot going on over at Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog - a sale for her fans, and she continues to educate about mass produced beads. This is a must read and should be passed along to any friends who support that kind of thing over artists.

Farm Girl Cat is celebrating the sun (hooray!) and showing off a customer's work (lampworkers love to do this - so send us pictures!).

Theresa at Tease Beads is showing off more of the construction of her new studio. And I say "showing off" merely because I'm jealous. She's really just sharing. Either way, it's a fabulous space! And, it's a great way to show lampworkers and non-lampworkers alike just what goes into a real studio.

A trip to Belize was just what Jessica needed. She's back, and already creating beautiful pieces. Check them out at Vedas Beads.

Everything's coming up roses at Ashlyn Design, so head on over to see what's blooming, and find out how long it takes to create one of these exquisitely layered beauties.

Flowers are blooming at lajewelrydesigns. These gorgeous glass goodies caught my eye and led me to show them (and more) off at Maybeads.

And Susan Lambert is reminding everyone about the Fire Divas Summer Jewelry Challenge - get those entries in!

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