Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Last week I told you my favorite color is purple and took you to  a number of fabulous beads made by some of the Fire Divas.  Today we're looking at another color. Not only is my second favorite color, its also the second favorite color next to blue of most people! It's seen as tranquil and refreshing, soothes us, relaxes us mentally as well as physically, alleviates depression, nervousness and anxiety, and offers a sense of renewal, self control and harmony. That's a mouthful. The color! You got it GREEN!  Check these out:

Dorset Hill Beads

Holly's Folly Glass

Susan Lambert
Silver River's Glass Works
Spawn of Glass

Icarus Beads
Ashlyn Designs
A Houston
L .A . Jewelry Designs
What's your favorite color?


  1. Great selection!
    Lea, I love the color combination that you used in the Flower set. Gorgeous!