Monday, November 22, 2010

Fire Diva's Black Friday-Cyber Monday Promotion!

The cat's out the bag! The Fire Diva's are pulling out all the stops to kick off Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
Beginning Friday, November 26 through Monday, November 29, 2010 we'll be offering Coupons! Special Discounts! or Free Shipping! for bargain-conscious customers looking for hot items and good deals! Check out the list that follows to see what each Diva is offering! Happy shopping!

1) Holly - 20% off my shop or Artfire shop or my Etsy - use coupon code THANKFUL upon check out. Addition savings for fans.

2) Lori - 10% off my Etsy and ArtFire shops from Friday to Monday

3) Kathleen -10% off

4.)Sonja-10% off and

5) - Lara - 10% off at Artfire and Etsy + free shipping

6) Janel 20% off at Etsy from Friday to Monday

7) Patrice - 20% off my ArtFire shop: : Use coupon "FIREDIVASTHANKSGIVING2010"

8)Barb - 15% off on my AF shop from Friday-monday
9) Melanie - 20% off on ArtFire or Etsy

10)Amy 20% off on ArtFire shop coupon code TURKEY:

11) Theresa - Free shipping on all items in my Artfire shop until Monday:

12) Lea - 20% off my Artfire Etsy from Friday to Monday - use coupon code HAPPYTHANKSGIVING upon check out.
13) Karen - Friday - Monday, 10% off in both shops, and

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