Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

Every bead has a story. Each one reflects what's in our heart, the things we are passionate about. They capture what we see and experience..., a relaxing drive through the countryside, a trip to a white sandy beach, a romantic dinner. As glass beadmakers we begin the story. You put the finishing touches on our beads with your personal style, thereby, giving them life.  You complete the story! What ending will you put on these glass beads by the Fire Diva's???

Janel Dudley Beads

Spawn of Flame

Icarus Beads
Amy Sims Designs
Lara Lutrick
A. Houston
Silver River Glass
Tease Beads
Holly's Folly Glass
L. A. Jewelry Design
Susan Lambert
Rivers Edge Glass
Don't forget to look for all our special announcements starting November 21, 2010 for Holiday specials!