Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

The mystery color for today is...HOT!  It says STOP and Look At Me!  It's associated with flowers such as roses and ripe fruit like apples and cherries. On the American Flags it stands for courage and used extensively  in the month of December to celebrate a special day. The wedding dresses worn by Chinese brides are this color for good luck.  The very nature of this color exudes passion. You guessed it ... it's the color red! These lampwork glass beads by the Fire Diva's  certainly command my attention...what about yours?

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Amy Sims

Tease Beads

Janel Dudley Beads

A. Houston

Spawn of Flame.
Ugly Duckling Beads

Silver River Glasswork


Susan Lambert
May Beads

Ashlyn Designs

Hollys Folly


Stay tuned to the Fire Divas blog page and future notifications for a special November announcement. Have an incREDible day!

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