Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Saturday

OK.... What happened to "Spring"? I'm not complaining...I'm really thankful for dry pavements, bright sunshine, and no snow!  It's  just I don't remember seeing "Spring".  Almost all the trees are in full bloom. The crab apple tree has flowered, and the petals have fallen, leaving the pavement a really pretty pink.   Somehow, I never saw the flowers on the tree itself.  The grass is a "lushy" green and the only remnant of what should be Spring? ------ my flowers that generally bloom this time of year.   And although I appreciate the weather that we're having... I still want to experience Spring. I know, no better place to feel the gentle warmth of a Spring sun,  the soft colors of early blooming flowers, or the gentle breeze of the early morning, than a trip to the Fire Divas Etsy and Artfire Shops.  Join me,... just in case you missed Spring too! ;-)

RightTurnArtWerks ~ Sharon Driscoll
Shepherd Creations ~ Patrice Shepherd
Uvanomos ~ Lluvia Brito
SunDoorBeads ~ Michelle Viezaga
Susan Lambert
SpawnOfFlame ~ Rosmarie Hanus
Lutrick ~ Lara Lutrick
IcarusBeads ~ Judith Billig
SilverRiverGlasswork ~ Sonja McClung
FenG ~ Christina Stofmeel
RiversEdgeGlass ~ Barb Reed
AshlynDesign ~ Lori Bergmann
AbbieLyn ~ Abigail Castagnaro
Giapet ~ Karen Klomparens
HollysFollyGlass ~ Holly Dare
BabsBeadsandDesignArtisanStudio ~ Susanne Folin
Amy Sims Designs


  1. Gorgeous work ladies! At least we have a little spring left, it's raining today to remind us of that :)

  2. What a colourful and beautiful collection!